Transport Tips:

The more notice you give us the easier it is for MJC AutoTransport to meet your request for pick up. We can typically get a vehicle picked up within a 2-day window with at least a 7-10-day notice. Please keep in mind that the time of year you decide to have your vehicle(s)transported can affect scheduling due to availability. "Peak season" in our industry starts about 2-3 weeks before Memorial Day and ends about 2-3 weeks after Labor Day. This time of year, we book out 2-3 weeks in advance.
Weather can also play a role in scheduling, especially during the Winter months.

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Transport Tips:

Vehicle inspection report (also known as the "Bill of Lading") will be done by our driver and yourself twice. The initial one will be conducted on pick up and the final inspection will be done on delivery. The inspection will only cover the exterior of your vehicle(s). You will sign off on each. On the delivery or final inspection this will be your last opportunity to notate anything you see on the exterior of your vehicle that was not inventoried on pick up.

We encourage you to take pictures of your vehicle(s) during both inspections.